YouTube user created the world’s largest PlayStation 5

A YouTube user with the nickname ZHC presented a rather extravagant project – the largest PlayStation 5, which functions normally.

The world’s largest PS5 is 100 times larger than a regular console. The equipment is 3 meters high and weighs over 227 kilograms. ZHC spent as much as $ 70,000 on this gadget. And yes, it has the same giant DualSense controller. The most interesting thing is that the console is actually work equipment, and you can run games from the PlayStation on it (in the video it’s Minecraft).

The video can be seen below – ZHC is organizing a competition for painting this giant console – if its team wins, then everyone will receive a PS5, and the rest of the consoles will be donated to charity, and if ZHC loses, it will give the giant PlayStation 5 to a random person.

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