Which laptop is best for performs Asus or Lenovo laptop?

If you want to buy a laptop, the logical question is which one is better than Asus or Lenovo. Both brands occupy a significant part of the sales market, so it is worth considering the proposed products in more detail.


Lenovo Strengths

Lenovo is not the first year to produce powerful laptops, which are enough to solve everyday tasks. They more than fulfill the guarantee and rarely break without the user’s fault.


  1. Enviable autonomy of work.
  2. High performance.
  3. Budget cost in comparison with competitors.
  4. Convenient touchpad that can replace a computer mouse.
  5. They rarely give in to overheating, they work quietly.

In the reviews, users indicate that Lenovo laptops can be used without stands, as they do not overheat.

However, there are also disadvantages. The most significant – in low productivity (with the exception of brand gaming devices), so they are not suitable for complex tasks. In addition, Lenovo often saves on the display. If you are an average user, feel free to buy Lenovo’s “average”. Programmers and web designers should opt for gaming machines that cost more than a thousand dollars.


Strengths of Asus

The advantage of Asus laptops is decent graphics quality, assembly “in all conscience” and reliability, which can be seen even from the case materials. Users like the convenient arrangement of buttons – when typing, it’s difficult to touch adjacent buttons.

Other benefits:

  • wide choice of models;
  • powerful graphics card;
  • availability of service centers around the world.

However, the cost of laptops is higher than Lenovo, there is a small overpayment for the brand.

Lenovo V330 | Powerful SMB laptop

What to consider when choosing

Choosing laptops of the presented brands is very difficult to make, due to conflicting opinions of users and a huge assortment. New Lenovo and Asus laptops regularly appear on sale with identical technical specifications, the main difference of which can only be price. This state of things drives the buyer into a stupor. To facilitate the selection of a suitable laptop, decide on the criteria that you need, first of all, to pay attention to. Among them:

  1. Diagonal;
  2. Performance;
  3. Autonomy of work;
  4. Weight and size;
  5. Screen resolution;
  6. RAM size;
  7. CPU refresh rate.

In addition, there are a number of so-called individual characteristics, which are largely determined by the purpose of the gadget. Why are you buying a computer – for office work, design or solving simple everyday tasks? The answer to this question often makes the choice easier.

The Asus ZenBook Best one for you

Comparison of important parameters

The external design of devices, as they say, is not for everybody. But if you like finer edges, elegant design, definitely Asus should be preferred. Lenovo produce glossy, more pot-bellied models. On some asus models, the screen is slightly larger, with the same resolution. Pricing policy is also approximately identical.

Both brands showed good user ratings. If you purchase new laptops with a guarantee, they will easily work for more than 3 years in typical operation mode. You may need to reinstall the system, but apparently the devices will remain as new.

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