The Best Ring Lights Recommendations For Makeup Artists, Photographers And YouTube Creators In 2020

Best Ring light is equipment used to add lighting. This tool is commonly used by makeup artists, photographers, or content creators to support their work. However, recently this tool is gaining popularity as a support for online activities such as teaching and learning activities. Ring light is used to make the display on the camera look better.

There are many ring light products on the market. If you’re looking for a suitable product, we’ve got some tips for choosing it. Not only that, we have also prepared some recommendations for the best ring light products for you. Happy reading!

How To Choose The Best Ring Light
You may find tens or even hundreds of different ring light products on the market. In order to get the right product and according to your needs, pay attention to some of our tips below.

Choose The Size As Needed
Each ring light brand usually has several series which are divided into several sizes. These measurements are generally written in inches or cm. So, in order to get a product that fits your needs, choose based on these sizes, yes!

Mini size suitable for selfie on smartphone

Selfie ring light for Smart phone
Selfie ring light for Smart phone

Now, you can find ring light products of various sizes. In fact, some are mini-sized and can be used on smartphones . The use of this ring light is quite easy, namely by clipping it to the top of the smartphone.

This type of ring light uses rechargeable battery power and is very affordable. The shapes and colors also vary, some are round, square, and various other shapes. Those of you who like selfies on smartphones are very suitable to use this ring light.

Size 20 cm and below is more practical and portable
Size 20 cm and below is more practical and portable

For those of you who are often mobile , we recommend choosing a ring light under 20 cm in size. With this size, the ring light is more portable and safer to carry around. In fact, some products have simple designs and are easy to pack. You can work more practically and efficiently anywhere.

Size above 20 cm brighter and more stable
Size above 20 cm brighter and more stable

Not a few are also ring lights that have a size of more than 20 cm. With a large size, the resulting light is brighter and stronger. Naturally, the price is quite expensive. You, make up artist or content creator, can get maximum display results. Unfortunately, this size is quite vulnerable to carry around or move. So, it would be safer to use this size ring light for work that stays in one place.

Choose one that has more LED lights

more LED lights
more LED lights

Next, you also need to take into account the number of LEDs in the ring light that you are going to buy. As you already know, the more LEDs that are installed, the brighter the light will be produced. Despite being the same size, some products may not necessarily have the same number of LEDs. So, check the number of LEDs in the description column again!

Consider setting light intensity and color

Consider setting light intensity and color
setting light intensity and color

Ring light functions as a light enhancer so that objects can be seen more clearly. This light requirement depends on the conditions where you are. Apart from not being good for eye health, the light is too sharp and glare also results in overexposed images.

Therefore, you should make sure there is a light intensity adjustment function so that you can adjust it. In addition, many ring light products also add a color temperature adjustment function or light color. This function allows you to adjust the color of the light produced, such as white, yellow ( warm ), or a combination of the two.

Pay attention to the accessories that are included

The Best Ring Light Accessories That are Included
The Ring Light Accessories That are Included

For the same ring light product , you may find different price variations for each seller. In fact, often times the difference may be fairly moderate. This is because each seller provides a different accessory package. Before you decide to buy, you should pay attention to additional accessories that are included.

Usually, sellers offer packages that contain several supporting accessories. Such accessories, for example tripod, holder smartphone , holder cameras, bags, and so forth. You can consider any accessories you might need. If you don’t need these accessories, you can choose a simpler package to make it more economical.

It turns out that ring light products are very diverse, huh. The price varies greatly from economical to expensive. However, the quality and features offered must be different according to the price.

Hopefully the tips and recommendations from us above can help you find a suitable ring light product . Choose a product that fits your budget and needs. Thus, your activities, work, and appearance will be even more complete!

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