How to Select The Best Yoga Mat for You (What to Know)

Yoga mats are designed to make the yoga practice easy and prevent the hand and feet from slipping during the yoga practice. They are commonly named as

  1. Non-slip mats
  2. Non-skid mats
  3. Non-sticky mats
When You Start Doing Yoga with Fitness Mat

Types of yoga mats:

There are different types of yoga mats available for the comfort and need of the person. They vary in size, texture, colour, size and thickness. The main purpose of yoga mat is to improve the balance and coordination of a person during the yoga practice.

  • Harmony Yoga Mat
  • Universal Yoga Mat
  • Classic Yoga Mat
  • Utopian Yoga Mat
  • Pilates Mat
  • Kids Yoga Mat
  • Raja Yoga Mat
  • Monster Yoga Mat
  • Natural Yoga Mat

Features of yoga mats:

  • Yoga mats are 72 inch and 182 cm in length and its width 24 inch and 60 cm normally.
  • You can get an extra wide mats that are 30 inch and 78 cm in length.
  • The thickness of the mat varies according to the need and requirement of the yoga practice. They are available in 2mm, 4 to 5 mm and 7 mm.
  • The yoga mats are available in different colours and patterns
  • The yoga mats are made from PVC.
  • They are designed in a way that they are non-sticky and non-slip mats.

Benefits of yoga mats:

Before talking about the advantages of yoga mat some questions will arise in the mind of a reader they are;

Why to use yoga mat during the yoga practice?

What are the benefits of using the yoga mays?

Answering the above questions yoga mats are very beneficial for the yoga practice as they are prevent the slipping of hand and feet during the yoga practice. It helps a person to perform yoga poses, it provide the cushioning between the person and the floor, it improves your balance and provide an insulation layer against the floor to prevent from cold.

Yoga Benefits In Your Lifestyle

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