RHA TrueConnect Wireless Best Headphone Review 2020 The bass is swinging!

RHA TrueConnect Wireless Headphone Completely wireless, they are also true wireless, headphones – one of the most popular gadgets of recent years. Today, let’s talk about an interesting TrueConnect solution from RHA Audio. The accessory is notable for its unusual case design, rich set of delivery, water protection, and a good autonomy.

European brand and convenient charging case

RHA  is a Scottish company that has been producing wired and wireless headphones for 12 years. And not just anyhow, but exclusively in the mid-price and premium segments. So the guys understand the sound.

TrueConnect is the first and so far the only true wireless model in the manufacturer’s line of wireless headphones. That is, generally without wires. The performance format is standard: two headphones are embedded in a case with a built-in battery – this solves the issue of not only storage but also charging. But just look how this case looks!

RHA TrueConnect Bluetooth Headphones
RHA TrueConnect Bluetooth Headphones

The base is made of soft-touch plastic, and a matte metal panel is used as a cover. With a pleasant click, she leans back, opening access to the headphones. On the case there is an indicator of the charge level of its battery – three small LEDs inform about it. The headphones themselves are made of the same tactilely pleasant matte plastic, each has a mechanical button. In the kit, there is an instruction in which all possible combinations of taps are briefly and clearly described: for managing tracks, answering calls, activating a Bluetooth connection, and so on. It is impossible to get confused.

Neutral design and water protection

RHA TrueConnect Bluetooth Headphones 2020
RHA TrueConnect Bluetooth Headphones 2020

RHA TrueConnect looks neat and completely discreet. And they do not stick out, only a thin “tail” protrudes slightly downward. So, in terms of combination with clothes, the option is absolutely universal: with them at least for a run, at least for a meeting in a tie. By the way, these headphones are even protected from water. IPX5 standard assumes that the accessory is not afraid of splashing – from the pool, for example, or from raindrops. Although swimming with him is not worth it, of course.

For the convenience of landing the headphones, the guys from RHA decided to be as attentive to their users as possible: they put 9 pairs of interchangeable ear pads in a box at once! At the same time, three of them are made of soft “foam”.

So in no case feel free to use all this wealth, choosing the best options for yourself. Moreover, the correct selection of ear pads is a matter of not only comfort but also sound quality. The denser the fit, the better the sound.

Emphasis on bass

best bass headphone 2020
best bass headphone 2020

It’s a little unexpected that for some reason headphones of this level did not implement aptX support. But all the more surprising is that even without it, playing RHA TrueConnect is just wonderful! For lovers of low frequencies, this is one of the best options: powerful and natural basses.

High frequencies are also quite well revealed – they are clear, distinct and audible even at the edges of the range. Mid frequencies are a little lost on the background of pronounced bass, but in general, they also sound decent. For classical music, these “ears” may not be the best choice, but otherwise tangible problems are unlikely to arise with any particular genres.

With voice quality, things are simpler. There is a built-in microphone. And on the premises, you can comfortably communicate without any problems at all, but outside noise or strong winds can sometimes block your voice. Well, the interlocutor is heard well.

Work for a long time, charge quickly

RHA TrueConnect Bluetooth Headphones 2020 Work for a long time, charge quickly
RHA TrueConnect Bluetooth Headphones 2020 Work for a long time, charge quickly

From one full charge, RHA TrueConnect will sound from four to five hours: this time directly depends on the volume level that you use. Then the headphones can be removed in a case and fully recharged from it four times. Provided, of course, that it is also charged up to 100%. As a result, we get 20-25 hours of battery life. The result is significantly higher than the average!

The good news is that the developers were not greedy and did not equip the case with an old and outdated micro USB connector, but with a modern and relevant Type-C. So if you have an Android smartphone, then you do not even need to carry extra charge with you. Well, if Apple, then the USB-A – USB-C wire is included.

By the way, the RHA TrueConnect case has such a nice thing as fast charging: from 0 to 50% it charges in just 15 minutes. Further, the process goes slower, but even for a full charge, it takes a little less than 2 hours.


RHA TrueConnect feels very comfortable among competitors in the price range despite the lack of support for high-quality wireless audio transmission standards.

The emphasis on low frequencies will delight bass lovers, and in general, the sound quality is only pleasing. And also – excellent build quality, a spectacular case, a neutral and versatile headphone design and, of course, a set of nine pairs of interchangeable ear pads. Plus, do not forget about the presence of the Type-C interface and good autonomy.

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