How to Choose The Best Yoga Towel (What to Look at Yoga Towel)

Yoga mats are designed to fit on the top of yoga mat so that you don’t get slip on the mat during the practice. Yoga towels make your practice more comfortable and easy. You cannot perform different moves of yoga easily if you are not using a yoga towel over your yoga mat.


  • Designed to absorb the sweat during the yoga practice
  • It is according to the size of yoga mat
  • Bath towel is not perfect for yoga practice
  • Some yoga towels are designed in a way that one side of the towel slips resistant so that the towel doesn’t not slip during the movements performed in yoga practice.
  • The towel dry quickly as compares to the normal bath towel
  • Using the yoga towel during yoga practice makes a person focus on their moves without worrying about slipping off
  • It is very hygienic but after yoga practice always washes and dry it
  • It is 100% polyester towel

Benefits of yoga towel:

  1. Make the yoga practice easy and a person can focus on their moves rather than worrying about slipping of hand and feet
  2. When you sweat it absorbs all your sweat and you don’t slip
  3. It makes the yoga practice easy and comfortable
  4. Due to the use of yoga towel you don’t get tired or feel untidy due to lots of sweat.

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