How to Choose The Right Size Exercise Ball for You (What to Look at Best Yoga Ball)

As yoga is incomplete or some moves of yoga are impossible without this yoga ball it is also known as the fitness and balance ball.

best yoga ball


  • Yoga balls are inflated balls
  • They are large in size and you can strengthen your muscles through it
  • You can improve your balance through this yoga ball
  • Yoga balls target our abs, buttocks, hips and legs.
  • It is elastic and made of plastic polymer

As yoga ball is very helpful in performing the yoga movements. I want to guide the new yoga students that you cannot make your muscles strong without this yoga ball but before buying it you will have some question in your mind that;

Why to use this ball during yoga practice?

What are its benefits?

Can we perform well in yoga class without using this yoga ball?

You will get all the answers of these questions by reading it. According to the yogis you cannot perform some move in class without this yoga ball as it improves your balance and make your muscles strong.

Benefits of yoga ball:

  1. It makes a person to stretch your body and make your body flexible
  2. It improves your stability
  3. It improves your balance
  4. The ball provide a supportive surface so that you can perform exercise
  5. It improves your blood circulation
  6. You enjoy this ball practice in your normal routine
  7. It helps to improve your sitting position
  8. You can burn your calories by using it and can also lose weight.

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best fitness gym yoga ball

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