Gaming Best Headphones PS4 HyperX Cloud Flight S Review 2020

Today we’ll review Gaming Best Headphones HyperX Cloud Flight S. Headphones HyperX Cloud Flight S is a budget premium offer from one of the leading brands in 2020. Headphones have many features, but will everyone find them useful for themselves?

Kingston HyperX Cloud Flight S gaming best headphones are fun to make, and they’re worth it. The advantages and disadvantages of the headset are described below.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Good sound for games and music.
  • Convenient wireless features
  • Comfortable headphone buttons

  • Touch Wireless Charging
  • Incompatible microphone

Options and specifications

The HyperX Cloud Flight S suite is not so big and it won’t surprise you with something unusual:

  • headset
  • detachable 3.5 mm microphone
  • microUSB charging cable.
Gaming Best Headset HyperX Cloud Flight S Kit
Gaming Best Headset HyperX Cloud Flight S Kit

Features Kingston HyperX Cloud Flight S Gaming Headphones

Characteristic Function
Headphone type Closed
Soundproofing Partially soundproofed
Type of sound emitter Dynamic
Main color The black
Folding Yes
Appointment Gaming
Plug jack 3.5 mm
Detachable cable Yes
Material Ear Pads Leather
Ear contact Covering
Speaker diameter 50 mm
Resistance 32 ohm
frequency range 10 – 22000 Hz
Sensitivity 99 db
Weight 310 g
Battery life 30 h

Who is HyperX Cloud Flight S intended for?

HyperX Cloud Flight S Gaming Headphones are best for:

  • gamers who want headphones to quickly switch between console and PC settings;
  • office workers who do not want to leave the conference call every time they need to make a new cup of coffee.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Overview

If HyperX Cloud Flight S had one defining feature, it would be its versatility. These are wireless gaming best headphones for your computer, Playstation or xBox. You do not need any software to get the basic functionality of headphones that work on any platform. At the same time, the balance of functionality and comfort makes the headset a great option for any game.

Gaming Best Headphones PS4 HyperX Cloud Flight S Overview
Gaming Best Headphones PS4 HyperX Cloud Flight S Overview

HyperX Cloud Flight S has a plastic frame with a metal strip running through the inside of the headband. However, unlike many 100% plastic gaming headphones, they do not look cheap at all. Adjusting the headset does not cause unpleasant squeaks and does not require much effort to quickly find a convenient size for the head. The headband is equipped with a comfortable soft foam pillow. Headphones sit firmly enough not to be afraid that they might fall out, but you can’t call them tight.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Gaming Headphones
HyperX Cloud Flight S Gaming Headphones

HyperX Cloud Flight S ear pads are made of memory foam. And thanks to the leatherette, excellent insulation is achieved – extraneous noise will definitely not become a problem for you. The headphone hinges provide a decent tilt and swivel angle so that they fit any size head.

Connecting a HyperX Cloud Flight S headphone is very easy. Most gaming headsets with surround sound require additional software, but this model does not need this – a fairly small self-tuning.

However, what is really great is that both on the Playstation 4 and on the PC – surround sound works perfectly, without the need for any additional manipulations (very rare for models of this type).

HyperX Cloud Flight S Headphones
HyperX Cloud Flight S Headphones

In the process of reviewing Cloud Flight S, it turned out that using headphones is quite simple, although you need to get used to it a bit.

The headset has many controls, and its design saves space, although at first glance it seems a bit strange. Headphones have controls for volume, surround sound, game / chat mix and microphone operation. The volume control and surround button are easy to find.

All other controls are located on the side of the left earphone in the form of buttons with dimples, at first they are difficult to find. It is worth saying that you can reassign these buttons in the HyperX Ngenuity application. A compatible version of the application is available only through Windows. The application itself for this model of headphones works well.

HyperX Ngenuity Application
HyperX Ngenuity Application

I want to note that during the review of HyperX Cloud Flight S the headset showed itself in a positive way. There were no problems with the quality of conversations via Skype or WhatsApp. The removable microphone is located on a sturdy wire bracket and was easy to install.

Connect and Connect HyperX Cloud Flight S

Headphones use 2.4 GHz USB to connect. This option is better for the game model than a Bluetooth connection, as it has no delays and consumes less power. However, this also means that you have to abandon the USB port, which is very important for some users.

According to HyperX, the gaming best headphones support connection up to 20 meters away. This statement seems to be true: during the review, the headphones maintained stable communication even through the walls in a fairly large apartment.

Battery life

HyperX claims that Cloud Flight S can run up to 30 hours on a single charge. But during testing, it was found that, working with a constant output power of 75 dB (and this is louder than people usually listen to), the headphones worked for 35 hours without recharging. This means that the battery life of HyperX Cloud Flight S is longer than most game models on the market.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Battery
HyperX Cloud Flight S Battery

It is also the first HyperX headset to support wireless charging. Put it on any Qi-compatible base and it will start charging. Kingston HyperX is also developing its own Qi-charging base to support its products (especially since the popularity of such charges is only growing). Regardless of the type of charge: wireless or using the supplied miniUSB cable, it takes at least a couple of hours to fully charge the headphones.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Review – Gaming Headphones

This model is 100% allows you to immerse yourself in the game. They are very convenient, and even after many hours of streaming my head did not hurt or there was a fever. Playing games like Dauntless and the recently released Halo: Master Chief Collection on a computer was very easy, and the built-in surround sound added action. As an advantage, you can highlight the ability to instantly return to normal sound. Thanks to this, you can evaluate the level of surround sound performance relative to stereo. Especially if you are a shooter fan!

HyperX Cloud Flight S Gaming Headphones
HyperX Cloud Flight S Gaming Headphones

There really are differences. And it’s good that you do not need to install another application just to try this feature.

The review of HyperX Cloud Flight S in conjunction with the Playstation 4 was also excellent. He played in Fortnite and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. These are games that use surround sound. The headphones handled the Fallen Order surround and offscreen blaster sounds, as well as various sharp signals in Fortnite.

When playing on a PC, you just need to figure out what controls are on the mixer. After that, you can easily achieve the desired sound, although it took some time to set up the perfect balance of sound between the game and voice chat.

Sound HyperX Cloud Flight S

HyperX Cloud Flight S offers high-quality sound for a gaming headset with little emphasis on bass at low frequencies (deviation up to 200 Hz). Mid and high frequencies (midrange, treble) are also pretty good – don’t worry about a slight drop in 4 kHz. In standard headphones, this is done to avoid natural ear vibrations.

Sound HyperX Cloud Flight S
Sound HyperX Cloud Flight S

In music, this means that the headset should not interfere with any sounds. However, bass songs may have some problems with losing them in a quiet sound. In Mattson 2’s Naima’s Dream, the bass line through most of the song hides some of the weak parts of the rhythm guitar.

During games, such a frequency response should not cause problems. Amplified bass can make the sounds of explosions and firing louder than they could be, but they will always stand out in volume among all.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Noise Reduction

HyperX Cloud Flight S Noise Reduction
HyperX Cloud Flight S Noise Reduction

HyperX Cloud Flight S offers pretty good noise isolation, it is perhaps even better than most gaming headphones. It is rare to see how gaming headphones block sounds well in the mid and high ranges. Noises will definitely not distract you with them.

Microphone: quality of work

If there is anything that really disappoints with HyperX Cloud Flight S, this is a microphone. The clarity of the sound clearly let us down, it is not very accurate and with a significant attenuation of low and medium frequencies. This means that the coarse and low voices of people will be distorted, and the transmission of sound will be of poor quality.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Microphone
HyperX Cloud Flight S Microphone

However, not everything is so bad. People with a higher voice should not have any problems. In such a range of voices, hissing sounds will sound loud and clear, and this is important for speech intelligibility.

However, do not experience illusions – the overall sound quality clearly needs to be improved!

Should I buy HyperX Cloud Flight S?

If you are looking for a reliable wireless gaming headset with a good set of features for the console and PC, then definitely worth taking this model.

Gaming headsets that do not need additional surround sound software are rare.
And it’s especially rare to find headphones that are ideal for both the console and the computer. If you choose headphones exclusively for the PC / console, then you should look for more targeted options for the corresponding direction.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Overview
HyperX Cloud Flight S Overview

PC gamers who are not particularly concerned about wireless headphones may want to take a look at the Logitech G Pro X – the microphone works better thanks to its software, and the price is lower. If the cost is the main problem, then the Corsair Void RGB Elite is also perfect for computer games for much less money.

Playstation gamers looking for something more specific to the console may consider the Playstation Gold wireless headphones. Although the microphone and battery life are obviously weaker than that of HyperX Cloud Flight S.

However, even if you are in one of these “camps,” it cannot be said that HyperX Cloud Flight S will disappoint you. During the review, we made sure that these are convenient and versatile wireless gaming headphones with the best battery life. Who else can compare with them?

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