Best Sports Headphones Reviews 2020: Beats Powerbeats 4

In today ‘s Beats Powerbeats review ($ 150), we ’ll check how Apple updated its stylish, 2020 Powerbeats sports headphones. The model received the design, H1 chip and sound quality from the previous Powerbeats Professional gadget, but at a better price.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Stable operation without a rassynchron
  • Battery life
  • Quality work Siri
  • Maneuverability due to cable is worse
  • Relatively heavyweight
  • No noise reduction
  • There is no automatic pause if you remove the headphones

Kit and specifications


  1. Powerbeats Wireless In-Ear Headphones
  2. Case
  3. 4 different nozzles
  4. Lightning USB-A Charging Cable
  5. Instructions
Beats Powerbeats 2020 Kit
Beats Powerbeats 2020 Kit


Function A type
Height 5.6 cm
Weight 26.3 g
A type Intracanal
Food Lithium ion battery
Working hours Up to 15 hours
Fast Charging Fast Fuel Yes (5 minutes charge – 1 hour)
Chip Apple h1
Connection Bluetooth Class 1
Protection IPX7
Cost 150 $ (11000 rub)

Overview of Beats Powerbeats 4

How effective is the gadget and is it worth the money? A full review of Beats Powerbeats (2020) includes comprehensive testing of sound quality, battery life, ease of use, new options, and more.
Best Headphones Beats Powerbeats 4
Best Headphones Beats Powerbeats 4
After spending some time testing, it became clear that the new Beats Powerbeats are updated wireless training headphones that offer high-quality sound that is clearly better than the previous Beats Powerbeats Pro model. The headphones also received IPX7 waterproof and Apple H1 wireless chip, thanks to which you can call Siri voice assistant voice.
Best Headphones Beats Powerbeats 4 2020
Best Headphones Beats Powerbeats 4 2020
According to the manufacturer, Beats Powerbeats will work for 15 hours without recharging, which is 6 hours more than the Pro version and 3 hours more than Powerbeats 3. Also, the headphones can be connected to several devices and share music via Bluetooth with another Beats headset.
The gadget is far from being as good as the Pro and Apple AirPods Pro, especially in terms of landing in the ears. However, the updated model received the same specifications and technology. Therefore, these Beats Powerbeats sports Bluetooth wireless headphones can be an excellent budget alternative.
Beats Powerbeats 4 Sports Headphones
Beats Powerbeats 4 Sports Headphones

By the way! If you are looking for running headphones, but are in doubt about the choice, then we have prepared for you the TOP rating of the best running headphones .


Beats Powerbeats is the latest Beats model, which went on sale on March 18, 2020 and costs $ 149. The price is $ 50 lower than the previous Beats, and $ 100 less than identical Pro headphones. This cost really makes you think about buying, especially when the budget does not allow you to stare at the best models.
Best Sports Headphones Price
Best Sports Headphones Price

Designed by Beats Powerbeats 4

The look is really impressive and reviewing the Beats Powerbeats was a pleasure! Headphones have an interesting design: crisp and large for their type. On both sides there is a stable receiving unit with a protruding part in the ear on one side and a large curved part covering the ear. The colors selected are classic and typical for Beats models:
  • Black
  • white
  • red (Red).
Beats Powerbeats Headphones Colors
Beats Powerbeats Headphones Colors
If you’re a fan of brand design, you’ll love the new Beats Powerbeats. The appearance of the gadget is similar to the previous ones and has the same curved design with small ear pads as the previous models.
In the box you will also find a Lightning to USB cable, as well as a soft case and headphone instructions.

Beats Powerbeats 4 Headphone Design

Inside the large case are drivers, and behind each of them there are controls on both sides. In the left “ear” you will find the Bluetooth pairing button. On the right earbud, designers introduced a volume rocker and a Beats button that controls playback and pause, as well as Siri’s voice assistant.
Designed by Beats Powerbeats
Designed by Beats Powerbeats
To find the perfect fit for the headphones, you will have to try on all the in-ear earphones included in the kit (there are only 4 of them: small, medium, large and double). As you know, the correct fit is very important, since the quality of noise reduction, the sound of bass and external noise depends on this.
Beats Powerbeats 4 in the ears
Beats Powerbeats 4 in the ears
Each Beats Powerbeats has a microphone for Siri calling through which the voice assistant can make calls, read texts aloud, and answer your questions. When I reviewed Beats Powerbeats, it seemed that Siri was not working, as the gadget did not emit any beep. But be sure that if you give the command “Hey Siri” or hold the right Beats button, then Siri voice assistant will answer. The Beats Powerbeats are not truly wireless (TWS) since the two “ears” are wired and this makes it difficult to find a comfortable position. Apple claims that it has done everything possible to make the design of the wire as convenient as possible (for example, they made the material less coarse so that it does not irritate the skin).
However, this is still not enough to surpass real wireless headphones in terms of ergonomics and comfort of use. The plus is that it is impossible to lose two headphones that are connected to each other, and the ability to share power means an increase in battery life. So here is the advantage of Beats PowerBeats in comparison with the same AirPods.

How to drive Beats Powerbeats 4?

To turn on or off, press and hold the power button for 1 second on the left earphone. When reviewing Beats Powerbeats 4, the headphones were ready to pair with a smartphone immediately after powering on. The LED indicator will signal that the Beats Powerbeats gadget is in pairing mode.
Beats Powerbeats 4 Management
Beats Powerbeats 4 Management
Below I will tell you how to control the headphones. All control buttons are located on the right “ear” (except the power button):

Music playback control

Button Act Function
B button Press 1 time Play or pause
Press 2 times Change track to next
Press 3 times Revert to previous music
Beats Powerbeats 4 how to configure
Beats Powerbeats 4 how to configure

Music volume control

Button Act Function
Volume up button Press and release / hold Increase music volume
Volume down button Decrease music volume
Beats Powerbeats 4 Buttons
Beats Powerbeats 4 Buttons

Call and call management

Button Act Function
B button Press the button 1 time Accept or end a call
Accept the second incoming call while holding the first
Switch between calls
Hold for 1 second Reject incoming calls
Press the button 2 times Pause music playback through headphones and redirect a call to a smartphone
To activate Siri’s helper, say “Hi, Siri” or hold down “b” until you hear a sound. This means that Siri is ready to go. For the voice assistant to work correctly on other devices, press and hold the b button.
Beats Powerbeats 4 how to drive
Beats Powerbeats 4 how to drive

How to configure Beats Powerbeats 4?

Powerbeats sports headphones run on the Apple H1 chip used in the previous Pro version and 2019 AirPods. Like the W1 chip, the H1 simplifies setup and connectivity on the iPhone – they really succeeded.
Beats Powerbeats 4 Reset
Beats Powerbeats 4 Reset
The headset works on Bluetooth Class 1 and can connect to gadgets from other manufacturers.

How to connect Beats Powerbeats to iPhone?

To connect wireless headphones to the iPhone, follow just 3 steps:
  1. Unlock iPhone and turn on Bluetooth;
  2. Bring the Beats Powerbeats gadget to your iPhone;
  3. Follow the on-screen steps.

How to connect Beats Powerbeats to Android?

To connect to Android, follow just 4 steps:
  1. Download the Beats Android app on Google Play;
  2. Go to the Beats app;
  3. Move Powerbeats to your Android gadget;
  4. Follow the on-screen steps.
Beats Powerbeats 4 App UI
Beats Powerbeats 4 App UI

How to connect Beats Powerbeats to iPad and Mac?

To connect to iPad and Mac, just 3 steps:
  1. Hold the power button on the left earphone until the indicator light flashes;
  2. Go into the Bluetooth settings;
  3. In the list of discovered Bluetooth devices, select Beats Powerbeats.

Beats app

In the Beats Powerbeats review, I also focus on software. You can also use the Beats app to pair devices and upgrade firmware.
Beats Powerbeats 4 App Setup
Beats Powerbeats 4 App Setup
Beats Powerbeats 4 app
Beats Powerbeats 4 app
Download the Beats app from the Google Play store, and then use it to connect to Android. After connecting via Bluetooth, you can view and adjust the settings in the application. Beats application requirements:
  • Android 7.0 and higher;
  • Marshmallow and above.

How to work with the Beats app

Problem Decision
What to do if the Beats Powerbeats are not connected? Bring the gadget to your Android device and a pairing window will appear on the screen. If it does not appear, then you need access to the location:
  1. Go to Settings> Security & Location> Location.
  2. Turn on Use Location.
  3. Open the Beats app.
  4. Select “Application Settings.”
  5. Choose Android Settings> Permissions, turn on Location.
How to upgrade Beats Powerbeats firmware? If you need to update the firmware, follow the instructions in the notification to update.
How to change the name of Powerbeats?
  1. Click Rename.
  2. Enter a name or generate.
How to register Powerbeats?
  1. Click Register.
  2. Click Serial Number and enter the serial number of your Powerbeats.

Sound quality

Sound Powerbeats got a fairly wide soundstage and good clarity of sound throughout the sound spectrum. Headphones match many similar models in this price range.
Sound Beats Powerbeats 4
Sound Beats Powerbeats 4
However, their sound is very similar to the previous Pro model. The music in them has a soft tone in the form of a parabola, which enhances the ups and downs with a deep sound in the middle. Simply put, music sounds energetic and dynamic, even when watching movies and videos on YouTube. The model has an excellent balance, and lovers of quality sound will appreciate it.
An excellent solution was to protect against moisture and sweat IPX7 for Beats Powerbeats – in the gym or while running, you can not worry that sweat or raindrops will get into your headphones.
Beats Powerbeats 4 Sound Frequency
Beats Powerbeats 4 Sound Frequency
Among the minuses of the model is the fact that the headphones did not receive support for aptX or aptX HD. Powerbeats only work with AAC and SBC on Apple iOS and Android devices. AAC allows you to add depth and volume to the songs, and SBC provides stable operation in a large number of devices around you that can cause interference.


Powerbeats 4 sports headphones do not support ANC noise reduction. However, there is powerful sound suppression, the same as that of AirPods Professional. The gadget tracks ambient sound and reproduces an alternative waveform to suppress it. This is quite enough to obtain high-quality passive isolation.
Beats Powerbeats 4 Noise Reduction
Beats Powerbeats 4 Noise Reduction
It’s not as effective as ANC, but the headset does a great job. To review the Beats Powerbeats, I tested the headphones when running in strong winds. It seemed that such a hum could not be suppressed, but this and any other noises (including conversations) were muffled.

Battery Life

The claimed battery life is 15 hours. This is an excellent result, which was fully justified in the review of Beats Powerbeats.
Beats Powerbeats 4 Runtime
Beats Powerbeats 4 Runtime
For the test, I listened to music for about 40 minutes, and the battery level decreased by only 4%. Thus, the headphones will work stably up to 17 hours without recharging.
And so it happened: after listening to all kinds of music with different volumes, switching settings, and so on, the headphones lasted 17 hours 21 minutes.
To charge, connect the gadget to a power source using the Lightning cable that is included with the package. When the headset is turned on and configured, you can determine the remaining operating time by the LED indicator on the left earphone:
Indicator color Time
White Up to 15 hours
Red Less than 1 hour
Flashing red Charge required

Fast Fuel Feature

As you might have guessed, Powerbeats got the Fast Fuel feature, designed for people who forgot to charge their headphones before leaving their homes. Manufacturers claim that the battery can last 1 hour after a quick charge of 5 minutes.
However, a review of Beats Powerbeats showed that the model did not justify itself: the gadget lasted only 40 minutes after a quick charge of 5 minutes.

Features of work

In addition to Fast Fuel, the model received Audio Sharing – a function that allows you to output identical sound from one iPhone to 2 other headphones. This works with any H1 or W1 chip. Thanks to the H1 chip, the Wi-Fi signal delay is 30 pK less than that of the W1. And this, not to mention the fact that the H1 additionally provides higher quality talk time. And as stated in the 2020 Beats Powerbeats review above, the H1 chips work with Siri. With a cult phrase, you can call Siri and control the playback of music, as well as give simple commands.

Beats Powerbeats Review Summary

Powerbeats 4 (2020) are great wireless Bluetooth headsets that are great for running and playing sports (especially if you like heavy bass music).
Review Beats Powerbeats 4
Review Beats Powerbeats 4
Thanks to a snug fit to the ears, the new model is resistant to falling out and is effective with passive sound insulation. This is ensured by ear hooks and a neck cable, which is still a nuisance when using Beats Powerbeats for sports.
Sports Best Headphones Beats Powerbeats 2020
Sports Best Headphones Beats Powerbeats 2020
The sound quality is really high and consistent with the brand, the gadget is especially good if you listen to bass music, and for sports and especially jogging, only this is needed! And of course, we pay attention to battery life. The Beats Powerbeats have a great charge despite the fact that Fast Fuel is not up to the promise of Beats. Nevertheless, the model remains advanced and necessary for jogging and for the gym.

What is better beats Powerbeats 4 or Powerbeats Pro?

Beats Powerbeats 4 or Pro
Beats Powerbeats 4 or Pro
Beats Powerbeats 4 Better Pro
Beats Powerbeats 4 Better Pro
  • Stable operation without a rassynchron. Alas, Pro there are times when I took them out of the case, and only one of the two headphones worked correctly. This happens even if both are fully charged.
  • Battery life. The Beats Powerbeats can last up to 15 hours, while the Pro will shut off after 9 hours.
  • There is no problem that only one headphone is discharged. A common problem with wireless headphones is that only one “ear” can be charged in the case. Several times this happened with Pro: when leaving the house a signal sounded that one of the earbuds was discharged, while the other worked fine.
  • Hard to lose due to connecting cable. When the headphones are connected by cable, then you have no fear that they may fall out, get lost and so on. With the Pro version, everything is different: they can fall out of your ears while running or fall out of the case. You just leave Powerbeats around your neck and do your business without distractions.
  • Maneuverability due to cable is worse. The cable on the new product, unfortunately, also has its drawbacks: it clings to clothes while running or to sports equipment when exercising in the gym.
  • Relatively heavy weight. It is logical that the wire on the gadget increases the weight of the gadget – 26.3 grams against 20.3 grams in the Pro version. This is a small difference, but it can also be uncomfortable.
  • There is no automatic pause if you remove the gadget. Unlike Powerbeats Pro or Solo Pro, Beats Powerbeats did not automatically pause and play when you remove the earbuds from your ears.

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