Best USB C Flash Drives 2020 For Your MacBook pro, Smartphone, Laptop and Even Computer

List of Best USB C Flash Drives we’ve been successfully chosen for your latest laptop, computer, smartphone, and even Your MacBook pro. Most of the models have several modifications, the difference of which is in the volume so that you can easily pick up the device for your needs.


Modern technology is developing at a frantic pace. More recently, we all actively used DVDs, and now you can hardly find them anywhere. Monitors are improving matrices, new technologies are being introduced into graphic solutions (hi, RayTracing), all peripherals are becoming less dependent on wires.

Storage media also do not standstill. Hard drives conquer new volumes, thanks to helium filling, SSDs change interfaces like gloves, and this makes them faster. But what about smaller fish? How are things with good old USB flash drives now? Think they are extinct? No matter how.


They are still afloat. It would seem, why do we need a USB C flash drive if external hard drives have long been affordable? Why buy a drive with such a small capacity when you can buy an HDD that will have a couple of terabytes in its arsenal? There are three reasons for this – portability, accessibility and speed.

Like it or not, the hard drive remains, albeit a small, but relatively heavy device. Of course, you can carry it with you in a bag without experiencing any discomfort. A couple of hundred grams of weather will not do. But, you must admit that this is far from a USB C flash drive, the existence of which can be forgotten, even if it is in your pocket. In addition, not all users need large amounts of information: quickly threw off a few photos, documents, films – and went on. Hundreds of gigabytes, in this case, will remain unused.

Best Type-C USB Cable
Best Type C USB Cable

As for accessibility and speed, USB C flash drives will cost much cheaper and at the same time can have greater bandwidth due to the relatively new Type C interface, which will eventually replace its predecessor. This connector has a large bandwidth and supports a large current. In addition, it is completely symmetrical. This means that now you can insert the device into the computer the first time, and not the third, as usual.

It is also convenient that USB Type C flash drives can be used with many modern smartphones – if they support OTG.

Transcend JetFlash 890S

Transcend JetFlash 890S Flash Drive
Transcend JetFlash 890S USB Flash Drive

This is one of the most affordable flash devices in its category. The price for it starts at 800 rubles for the “smallest” version of 16 GB. Also in the lineup, there are 32 GB and 64 GB USB C flash drives. Speed ​​indicators are at the level of 90 MB / s for reading and 30 MB / s for writing. The youngest model in the line is content with only 15 MB / s for recording, which is most likely made specifically to focus users on larger solutions.

All devices are tiny in size: 29x14x9 mm. The case is made of metal, which protects the USB C flash drive from physical impact. Additional technologies, such as ReadyBoost, password protection and data compression, are, of course, absent here. All this should be sought in devices a class higher. However, all drives in the lineup are equipped with two connectors: a new generation of USB Type C symmetrical connector and regular USB 3.1. So you are guaranteed to be able to connect a USB C flash drive to any computer.

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo 3C

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo 3C Flash Drive
Kingston DataTraveler microDuo 3C USB C Flash Drive


If you are not enough 64 GB, then pay attention to the product from Kingston. Like the previous model, this drive has several variations: from 32 to 128 GB, of which about 5 GB of the USB C flash drive will reserve for your needs. Despite the impressive volume, this is still a budget solution. The price starts at 1800 rubles, which is slightly more expensive than the JetFlash 890S, but with a larger capacity.

As the name implies, a dual interface is also used here: USB Type-A and USB Type C. The drive does not require configuration when connected. Regarding the Transcend model, this device turns out to be a bit faster while reading information – 100 MB / s. However, the write speed is lower – 15 MB / s. Buyers note very compact dimensions due to which the neighboring USB ports do not overlap when using the device. It is also worth mentioning the high heating of the gadget under load, but the temperature regime is within normal limits.

Silicon Power Mobile C80

Silicon Power Mobile C80 Flash Drive
Silicon Power Mobile C80 USB C Flash Drive

Silicon Power is not behind its competitors. They provide users with a model that is almost completely identical to Transcend’s aforementioned JetFlash 890S. Judge for yourself. The lineup is represented by three solutions that differ in volume: 16, 32 and 64 GB. All devices are made using the COB (Chip-on-board) technology, which provides an increased level of protection of internal components from moisture, dust, vibration, and shock. Also, all-flash drives have two connectors: USB Type C and USB 3.0.

However, the pricing policy of resellers is not as attractive as that of competitors. A 32 GB device costs almost the same as a 64 GB device: 1,500 and 1,650 rubles, respectively. This calls into question the advisability of buying an average model in the lineup. However, these drives have two undeniable advantages. Firstly, a ring-shaped design that allows you to hang a USB C flash drive on the keys and easily remove the device from the computer. And secondly – the proprietary utility SP Recovery Tool Utility, with which you can download the firmware for data recovery in case of problems.

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive

SanDisk Ultra Dual Flash Drive
SanDisk Ultra Dual USB C Flash Drive

If for you the main selection criterion is the speed of the drive, then take a look at the SanDisk devices. They emphasize the speed of reading data, which in this budget device is 150 MB / s. This is one and a half times higher than the fastest device among all the previous ones. Moreover, the cost of the cheapest device is only 600 rubles. And by paying 100 rubles, you will get a drive that has twice as much volume.


ADATA UC350 Flash Drive
ADATA UC350 USB C Flash Drive

Another device that has excellent technical specifications. In general, it does not stand out among competitors, but it is not inferior to anything. The lineup is presented in three versions: 16, 32 and 64 GB. The most capacious modification, in our opinion, is unreasonably expensive (about 2500 rubles). Things are much different with smaller drives. A 32 GB USB C flash drive will cost you less than a 16 GB USB C flash drive: 850 and 950 rubles, respectively.

The case material is metal, which consists of a small cap that covers the drive itself. There is a connector on this cap in order to hang the device on a strap or keys. However, we do not recommend doing this: users note that the device very often flies out of the locking cover and gets lost, leaving the shell alone to hang next to the keys. The speed indicators of the drives are as follows: 100 MB / s for reading and 30 MB / s for writing – which is pretty standard and generally good.

Samsung USB 3.1 Flash Drive DUO Plus

Samsung USB 3.1 Flash Drive DUO Plus
Samsung USB 3.1 Flash Drive DUO Plus

Higher class devices are offered by Samsung. The USB Flash Drive DUO Plus line consists of 4 devices ranging in volume from 32 to 256 GB. The most budget drive will cost you 1200 rubles, and the most expensive – 4200 rubles. The price is fully justified, according to the statements of developers regarding speed. Two younger devices provide read speeds of up to 200 MB / s. And the 128 and 256 GB models have an increased figure of 300 MB / s.

There are two connectors here: USB 3.1 and Type C. Of the minuses, it should be noted the plastic case, which weakly protects the device from damage, and on which fingerprints are quite noticeable. But, according to the datasheet, the drives are completely waterproof.

Our Rating Capacity Speed Interfaces Body material Price
Samsung USB 3.1 Flash Drive DUO Plus  32 to 256 GB 300/30 MB / s USB 3.1 / USB Type-C Plastic  
SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive 16 to 256 GB 150/15 MB / s USB 3.1 / USB Type-C Metal + Plastic 
 ADATA UC350 16 to 64 GB 100/30 MB / s USB 3.1 / USB Type-C Metal
Transcend JetFlash 890S 16 to 64 GB 90/30 MB / s USB 3.1 / USB Type-C Metal
Kingston DataTraveler microDuo 3C 32 to 128 GB 100/15 MB / s USB 3.1 / USB Type-C Metal
Silicon Power Mobile C80 16 to 64 GB 120/20 MB / s USB 3.0 / USB Type-C Metal

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