Best microSD Cards in 2020 For Fastest Data Transfer | Best Micro SD Memory Cards

The Samsung EVO micro SD card has a high performance, making it suitable for use with smartphones and computes. It reads speeds of up to 48MB/hence enables you to transfer files from the card to your computer quickly.  The card is UHS-1 enabled, giving you the freedom to capture full HD videos.  The storage capacity of the card is started from 32GB, which is enough space for you to store loads of photos and mp3 music.  Unlike the conventional microSD cards, the Samsung EVO microSD doubles their speed twice.  Besides, the card is waterproof, x-ray proof, temperature proof and magnet proof. It is therefore a reliable card, which protects your files in such conditions that might tamper with your data when stored in conventional cards. `

 The MICRO SD card comes with an SD adapter, which is compatible with SD –enabled devices. The devices you can use with cable includes; printers, laptops and digital cameras.  The cable allows you to transfer music, and videos from the phone to the computer and gadgets featuring an SD slot.  Also, the card is rated as class 10 with class 1 UHS speed, enabling you to record smooth full HD videos.  Besides, the card is efficient for use with modern smartphones and tablets. Its high speed does not only enable you to load apps quickly but also to download and share large files within a very short time.

The MICRO SD card is waterproof. You should not worry about your data if rained on dropped in water. The card survives in seawater for 24hour without any data damage.  Apart from being waterproof, the card is X-ray proof, hence it your data is well protected if your work in an environment with X-rays or if you walk past machines with X-rays, such as in the airport. Your data is also protected from magnetic fields force resulting from home theatre speakers. Unlike the conventional SD cards, the Samsung EVO protects your data from 13 times from any magnetic force.  Electronics gets hot when in use. The MICRO SD card is designed to withstand temperatures of between -25 to 85 degree Celsius.

The card has a huge storage capacity, which you can use to save music, photos and files. The MICRO SD card allows you to save 37,270 photos. In addition, you can save 14,990 songs and videos adding up to 1,110 minutes. You can download as many media files and apps as you wish to your smartphone or tablet without the fear of space.  The card has an ultra-high speed rating of UHS-1, which enables you to capture and save your memorable moments.  Unlike the conventional microSD cards, the Samsung EVO allows you to capture photos and videos two times faster. You can therefore shot all good times at a higher speed and as many as you want. You do not need an extra storage device when using the Samsung EVO memory card for your camera, tablet and smartphone. The card is cheaper and of high quality, hence affordable to persons with a tighter budget but who value quality.

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