Best Headphone Stand For Desk – How To Choose A Desk Headset Holder

If you want to store your headphones neatly, use a headset stand . Various headset stands are on the market, one of which is an omega-shaped product that can store headphones of various sizes. However, you must still be confused about choosing between the many headphone stand variants , right?

This time we will share various tips on choosing a headphone stand. Listen closely and find the best headphone stand for you.

The advantages of using best headset stand

Stand h eadset is a useful thing to store headphones or a headset . Maybe many are thinking, why buy a headset stand if you still have room to store headphones ? However, the function of the headset stand is not only for storing headphones , but also for keeping them durable in use.

If you just put them down after wearing them, the weight of the headphones will rest on the ear buds. This will make your favorite headphones quickly damaged. When you hang it on the headset stand , the weight of the headphones does not rest on the ear buds. That way, the headphones are not easily damaged and are durable to use.

In addition, the headset stand can make the interior space more attractive. If you put a stylish headset stand , the interior of your table will look more stylish. We highly recommend the headset stand because it keeps the headphones long and makes the room more stylish .

How to choose a headset stand
You need to know some important points that must be known before choosing. For those of you who are still confused about what kind of headset stand to choose , see our explanation carefully.

Choose the shape based on where it is placed
The headphone storage case has two different types based on where they are placed. First, the stand type , which is the type usually placed on the table. Second, the type of hanger , which is the type usually hung in a cupboard or chest of drawers. So, choose the product according to the place where it is placed, yes.

Stand type, is on the table and easy to reach

Best Points Types Headphone Stand
Best Points Type Headphone Stand

Points headpone type of stand is usually placed on the table so that when you need it, you can quickly retrieve it. In addition, this type of stand has a variety of attractive designs, perfect for those of you who want to make the room more stylish.

It’s just that when compared to the hanger type, the stand type takes up more space when placed. It feels like the stand type is more suitable for those of you who have enough space.

Hanger type, for those of you who don’t have space on the table.

Hanger type Headphone stand

For those of you who don’t have enough space on the table, you can choose the type of hanger . You can easily hang the headphone hanger in a drawer or cupboard. That way, you can store your headphones without taking up space.

On the other hand, the color of this type of hanger is dominated by black and other basic colors so that it doesn’t stand out for the interior. Pay attention to this point carefully, especially for those of you who prioritize the beauty of the interior of the room.

Adjust to the size of the headset

Adjust type headset stand
Adjust type headset stand

After deciding which type to use, now consider the size of your headphones . If the hook is wider than the headband of the headphones, this won’t be a problem.

Meanwhile, for headphones that have a special shape and have a wide headband , choose omega-shaped products. Compared to hook types, hooking the headphones to an omega-shaped headphone stand is more difficult. However, products in the form of omega are more stable and balanced.

Check the ingredients, each type has a different appearance and use

different types of headphone stands
different types of headphone stands

When choosing a headset stand , also pay attention to the materials used. There are various materials used to make headset stands , such as wood, metal, and resin. Each material used has a different use and appearance.

If you want to give the room a warm, natural impression, choose a wooden headset stand . The wood material will provide warmth to the wearer and will not damage your favorite headphones.

If you prefer a simple and cool design , you can choose a resin or metal headset stand . Products made from resin are known to be lightweight so they are easy to use, while metal is known to be sturdy and durable. However, compared to wood, fingerprints and scratches are more visible on these two materials. So, be careful when using it.

Match the interior and color of the headset

Match the color of the headset
Match the color of the headset

The headset stand has a variety of colors to choose from. Choosing a headset stand based on comfort is important. However, it will be much more fun if you can combine it with the interior of the room.

For example, if you want to combine it with a simple interior, choose a matching headset stand to make it more integrated. Then, if you want to make the room look sophisticated and stylish , try choosing a lighter color headset stand.

Apart from that, the headphone stands these days are of good quality design. Choose a dark colored headset stand so that the interior looks cool . Then, choose a bright colored headset stand when you want to give a pop impression . That way, the headset stand will also be an attractive display .

We have provided important points that need to be considered when choosing a headset stand as well as recommending products. Have you found the right headset stand ?

The use of a headset stand is not only for storing, but it helps to keep the headphones durable. Not only that, the use of a headset stand is also able to make the interior of the room more stylish. Working or playing games is even more fun with a stylish headset stand .

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