How To Choose A Chromebook In 2020 Is Best For You

Laptops have become part of most people’s daily activities. One type of operating system in a laptop is Chrome which comes from Google. Laptops with the Chrome operating system (Chrome OS) are called Chromebook. Chromebooks have various advantages over ordinary laptops, one of which is malware- free. For those of you who are interested in Chromebook products , we will introduce them for you. Tips on how to choose the best Chromebooks are in this article.

The difference between Chromebooks and laptops in general

The difference between Chromebooks and laptops
The difference between Chromebooks and laptops

Is it your first time hearing about Chromebooks ? Surely you are wondering how a Chromebook differs from a typical laptop. Simply put, a Chromebook is a device , both laptop and tablet, that uses Chrome as its operating system. The Chrome operating system is quite different from Windows and Mac.

The internal memory is quite small because Chromebooks rely on Google Drive as data storage. At the beginning of its launch, in 2011, applications on Chromebooks can only be accessed online . Now, some Chrome apps can run offline, so you don’t have to bother looking for wi-fi.

Some of the applications you normally run on Windows, such as Adobe, cannot be used on Chromebooks . Instead, Chromebook provides other applications for your needs. You can download various applications on Google Play.

Interestingly, the Chrome operating system is very difficult to catch viruses or malware . Usually, Chromebooks are widely used for study and work. The price, which is relatively cheaper than a laptop, also makes Chromebooks a consideration.

Google is working with various well-known laptop brands to launch Chromebooks . Samsung, Lenovo, HP, and Acer have Chromebook products . So that you understand more about Chromebooks , see our tips for choosing a product, yes.

How to choose a Chromebook

Choosing a Chromebook is not that different from choosing a laptop in general. However, we are going to introduce some of the features you will find on Chromebooks . The points below can help you in choosing the product.

Choose by Chromebook type

Chromebook offers two types of products, Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Premium . Both have differences in performance. We will explain about each type in the following points.

Chromebook Plus for everyday needs

The Best Chromebook Plus
Chromebook Plus

Chromebook Plus performs quite well. Surf the web faster, video calls even smoother. The internal storage is also adequate for applications and photos.

Chromebook Plus is designed for everyday needs, like work or study. If you have a job that doesn’t require too much internal storage space, Chromebook Plus is your go-to.

Chromebook Premium for multitasking work

The Best Chromebook Premium
Chromebook Premium

For those of you who need a Chromebook for work and entertainment, Chromebook Premium is the best choice for you. Chromebook Premium is designed for multitasking jobs , as well as running heavier workloads.

With Chromebook Premium , opening apps and multiple browser tabs is lag-free . Running games is also smoother. About storage, you will get a larger internal storage capacity.

Choose based on the type of device

Besides the types, Chromebooks also come in several types of devices. Some laptops, 2-in-1 laptops , to tablets now have the Chrome operating system. You can choose Chromebook based on the type of device that is comfortable to use.

Laptop: The standard device for work and study

The Best Laptop Type Standard Device For Work And Study
The Best Laptop Type Standard Device For Work And Study

Laptops are the most common devices used for study and work needs. This device has an integrated screen and keyboard . The opening angle of the screen and keyboard is also limited. However, of course this device is still comfortable to use.

2-in-1 laptop: It could be a laptop, it could be a tablet

Best 2-in-1 laptop
Best 2-in-1 laptop

2-in-1 laptop is a combination of a laptop and a tablet. Its use is very flexible, can be adjusted according to your needs. 2-in-1 laptops are also divided into convertibles and detachables.

Convertible is a device model whose keyboard and screen are fused. You just fold it to make it as a tablet. In contrast, a detachable is a 2-in-1 laptop whose screen can be detached from the keyboard.

Tablets: Practical to carry anywhere

Best Tablets

Tablets are a fairly practical device choice , especially for those of you who have high mobility. You can take your tablet as a work companion. Its light size makes it easy for you to carry it.

However, tablets do not have a keyboard, so it may be difficult to type. Tablets are more suitable for checking e-mail or as a medium for children’s play.

Make sure the processor fits your needs

The use of the processor in a device will affect performance. Chromebooks use several processors, such as Intel Celeron, Pentium, to Core. Each processor has its own advantages. We will explain each type of processor so that you can consider the product of your choice.

Intel Celeron: More economical prices for light activities

Most Chromebooks use an Intel Celeron processor. It’s no wonder that many Chromebooks are sold at affordable prices. The Intel Celeron processor is a very practical processor for light activities. You can use it to type, send emails, or conduct meetings are online.

Unfortunately, Intel Celeron does not support your device to run heavy games. Intel Celeron is indeed more suitable for work or study with lightweight applications.

Intel Pentium: Perfect for multitasking to playing games

The Intel Pentium is above the Intel Celeron. The Intel Pentium can support some pretty heavy games thanks to a capable graphics card.

For your work that demands multitasking , everything can run smoothly with the Intel Pentium. In terms of price, Chromebooks with Intel Pentium are still relatively affordable.

Intel Core: Best performance for heavy workloads

Some of the Premium Chromebook series use Intel Core. Intel Core is a processor that supports heavier jobs. By using an Intel Core processor, you can run programs with heavier graphics.

For those of you who work multitasking and have a lot to do with detailed graphics, we recommend an Intel Core processor. Intel Core is further divided into i3, i5, i7, and M. Intel Core M’s performance is indeed slightly below i3. However, Intel Core M is the right choice if you want a Chromebook with a long battery life.

Select the screen size that suits your needs

Best Chromebook Screen Size
Best Chromebook Screen Size

Chromebook size is also something you need to consider. If you have high mobility, Chromebook with sizes 10 inches to 13 inches we recommend for you. The smaller size certainly has a lighter weight.

On the other hand, if you use your Chromebook at home or work, 14 inches to 15 inches is the right size. The larger screen size makes it easier for you to see the screen. This size is also just right for watching movies.

However, you need to also consider the number of ports available. Usually, the smaller and thinner the laptop size, the fewer the number of ports . You may lose some ports, for example the HDMI port . You can just buy a port connection , but of course it feels impractical.

Google is working with various well-known laptop brands to launch Chromebooks . Of course, Chromebooks have various specifications, from storage capacity to size to other features. Chromebooks are also sold as laptops, 2-in-1 laptops , and tablets. Choose the one that suits your needs.

Hopefully you are helped by the information we provide. Don’t forget to buy a Chromebook that doesn’t exceed your budget, huh. Have a smooth life with your Chromebook !

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