Asus vs HP Laptops | Which Brand Is Better in 2020

In choosing a laptop for work and entertainment, many are wondering which is better – a laptop from Taiwan’s Asus brand or American HP. In any case, first decide what the computer is for, because office workers and gamers have completely different criteria. To facilitate your fate in the choice, consider the products of well-known brands in more detail.

HP Laptop

Hewlett packard

The company Hewlett Packard (Hewlett-Packard) did not begin their business with computers. Many years ago, they developed a programmable calculator, and this was their main achievement at that time. Later, computers and laptops appeared in the line of manufactured gadgets. Today, the company is America’s leading laptop manufacturer. The main office is located in California.

Asus Laptop


Asus has a less rich history. They started out as Dell electronics builders, but quickly realized that they had enough skills and experience to create their own business. At first the brand was called Pegasus, but a complex name omitted their products in search engine results, so it was decided to abandon the first three letters. This significantly improved the marketing performance and recognition of devices. Today, the company offers the widest selection of laptops in various price categories.

It is worth noting that both brands produce excellent portable equipment and have a good reputation in the market. Their laptops last for years, so most buyers are inclined to choose between HP or Asus.

The HP Envy – Personal Laptop

Ergonomics and design

The appearance of laptops is a matter of taste. Asus are committed to minimalism and rigor. Most models have rounded edges and thin edges, perforated or matte surface of the top cover, many connectors and low weight.

HP – recognizable laptops, characterized by thicker case frames, an abundance of glossy inserts and a huge number of sloping areas, which visually increases the weight and dimensions of laptops. But there is a positive side to this – this approach has a positive impact on the filling and placement of internal components.

Scope of application

Considering the scope of laptops, it is worth noting that Asus is often chosen by gamers and office workers who type in a huge amount of texts daily. This is due to the fact that Asus laptops boast a wide, full-size keyboard, a large distance between numbers and letters. In a set of letters, this is convenient, because the user does not touch neighboring keys.

HP technology has found its application in leisurely surfing, a solution to everyday home tasks, used when watching movies and chatting on social networks.

The Asus ZenBook Series

Reliability indicators

In this paragraph, the priority belongs to Asus, as evidenced by the reviews and statistics of most office centers. In 100% of cases, only 9% are subject to failure without user fault. Hardware failures occur after 2 years of warranty, that is, devices can easily work it out. At HP, this figure is much higher and reaches 16%. After 3 years, the percentage of breakdowns of gadgets increases to 15 and 25, respectively.

Our verdict – Asus and HP laptops fully satisfy the demands of the modern user, the main thing is to choose your model from a wide variety.

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