Owners of Apple Card allowed not to pay for a credit card in March due to coronavirus

Apple wants to help customers in difficult times. Apple and Goldman Sachs sent Apple Card owners letters to skip March payment due to coronavirus. If agreed, customers can not pay a credit card for one month without interest and penalties. The letter drew attention to Reddit.

The report said that due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, some customers may have difficulty paying a monthly credit card payment. As Apple and Goldman Sachs explained, the Apple Card seeks to “help owners lead a healthier financial life,” so the companies were allowed to skip the payment.

“If you need help, click here and you will be transferred to Apple customer support via Messages and registered in our customer support program, which allows you to skip the March payment without penalties.”

from an apple letter

In a conversation with CNET, Apple representatives confirmed the existence of the letter. They noted that users who took the opportunity would receive confirmation within the next few days.

In addition to canceling credit card payments, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Apple closed all stores outside of China and encouraged all employees to work from home. The company also canceled the annual conference for developers in a traditional format and put it online.

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