Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 review: The best Alternative For AirPods Pro

Today we will review Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 new wireless headphones. By 2020, the manufacturer Anker demonstrated the unique, 100% wireless headphones (True Wireless) Soundcore Liberty Air 2. The main feature of the headset was the dynamic drivers with diamond coating.

According to the company , the innovation made it possible to increase the frequency range by 20%! And thanks to polyurethane from thermoplastic, it was possible to get deep bass.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 at a glance

These headphones have the support of the aptX codec, which is necessary for transmitting Hi-Res-audio via Bluetooth headsets and phones.

To customize the sound, Anker developers created a target application for Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 HearID. It analyzes the sound in the ear and makes it possible to adjust the sound to a specific listener.

Both Liberty Air 2 earphones received two microphones each, which received Qualcomm’s noise-canceling function. There is also a mono mode if you need handsfree headphones.

Of the chips, we can distinguish that the case has support for both fast wired charging and wireless charging.

At the moment, Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 headphones cost $ 125.

Options and specifications

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Kit
Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Kit

The headset comes in a beautiful box of cardboard. It details how the HearID program works.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Case Kit
Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Case Kit

The case contains headphones and a case for charging and storage. At the bottom of the box, the manufacturer put instructions, which describe in detail the connection methods and the operation of the headphones. There is also a USB-C cable, as well as additional ear pads (4 pairs).

Characteristics A type
Type of wireless headphones True wireless
Headphone type Closed
Soundproofing Partially soundproofed
Type of sound emitter Dynamic
Color The black
Folding not
Appointment Portable
Material Ear Pads Silicone
frequency range 20 – 20,000 Hz
Battery Type Li-on
Wireless charger Yes
Used technologies Bluetooth
Wire availability Wireless

Case design

In the modern world, it is difficult to create unique design gadgets. Companies either copy competitors, or delve into archives of developments. Soundcore Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 was developed by copying, so you will not see uniqueness and innovation here.

Case Soundcore Liberty Air 2
Case Soundcore Liberty Air 2

The case is very small and light: 55x48x25 mm and 43 grams, respectively. It is plastic and has a soft velvet coating on top, so it does not slip out of your hands. The Soundcore logo flaunts on top, and in the center are 3 LEDs that indicate the battery level. Below is a special button for demonstrating battery performance and a USB-C connector for wired charging of the case.

Case Soundcore Liberty Air 2
Case Soundcore Liberty Air 2

It is worth recalling that Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 received the ability to wirelessly charge – this gives the headphones an undeniable advantage over competitors!

The case cover just flips back. There is a magnetic lock, and the headphones do not fall out of the cells of the case.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Case
Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Case

Thanks to the special coating, fingerprints do not remain, but you cannot call it convenient: it seems like the quality of the material is excellent, but scratches and chips will become a real problem. But this is certainly better than glossy cases that can be easily erased after the first use.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Headphone Design

This Liberty Air 2 model received several color schemes: black and white. But only the headphones themselves are black, and the charging case is dark gray.

By the way! Soundcore Liberty Air 2 is very similar in appearance to the Huawei FreeBuds Lite model.

Headphones Soundcore Liberty Air 2
Headphones Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Each earphone has a small gray plastic insert on which the Soundcore logo is drawn. The bottom is an artificial insert of red color.

Also, each of the headphones has 2 microphones on top and bottom. In order to be able to find out about the activity of the device, there is an LED indicator at the top. Well, and as a plus, Liberty Air 2 received a sensor that responds if you insert or remove the earphone from your ear.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Ear Pads
Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Ear Pads

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 is controlled by sensors:

Act the effect
Double tap right earphone (R) play / pause music or answer / reset a phone call
Double tap left earphone (L) track change
Press and hold one of the headphones for a few seconds getting started with Siri or another voice service

More precisely, you can find in the instructions Liberty Air 2.

In terms of landing, the earphone sits perfectly. Of course, you need to pick up ear pads before that, but the shape of the gadget is almost perfect: universality and balance are respected.

Headphones Soundcore Liberty Air 2
Headphones Soundcore Liberty Air 2

When running, there is no problem with the Liberty Air 2 headphones falling out, so morning jogging is only a joy 🙂

I note that when searching for information for the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 review, it was not possible to find data on water resistance and dust protection. The test in the gym was 100% passed, but would not recommend testing the headset in the rain and in bad weather.

Noise Isolation Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Alas, the model did not receive active noise reduction, but passive sound isolation is good enough. I note that such headphones will not appeal to those who are uncomfortable with “plugs” – a slight pressure is created on the membrane.

Sound Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

The sound volume is high, and if brought to the maximum level, then there is no interference or sound changes. The connection is standard via Bluetooth, there is nothing complicated.

Frequency range

The frequency range when reviewing the headphones seemed to me quite wide. Both the lower ones at the level of 30 Hz and the high ones around 15-20 kHz are well perceived. The mids are balanced, there’s nothing to complain about – the sound is clear.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 bass does not have a characteristic rumble and monotony (in contrast to the cheaper analogs), that is, headphones will also appeal to people who are not enthusiastic about hard bass.

Sound setting

Perhaps the equalizer setting is not needed in most cases, since the sound is universal and suitable for most genres. But all for an amateur! It is worth noting that during the review Liberty Air 2 somewhere around 13 kHz I observed a slight overload. In the usual rhythm of life, you will not pay attention to it, rather it’s even nit-picking on my part.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 in the ears
Soundcore Liberty Air 2 in the ears

Of the minuses, only that there is a delay in sound when watching video from the phone. Surprisingly, this has not been seen on YouTube.

What was Anker Soundcore Air 2 tested on?

The entire review of Soundcore Air 2 was held on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8. The smartphone has LTE support, so the call is due to this technology.

Voice transmission is high-quality, I would even say almost perfect: the interlocutor is heard loudly, speech and voice are legible. However, I get the feeling that the microphone is too sensitive (there is overload).

HearID app

This is a special application for setting up Soundcore Liberty Air 2 headphones, adjusting the equalizer, and tracking the headset’s charge level.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 App
Soundcore Liberty Air 2 App

In the application, you can adjust the sound based on an analysis of the data that was obtained by checking your hearing. It creates frequencies with different volumes, while your task is to tell the device whether you hear or not. Such operations will take several minutes for each ear.

The result is mixed. The differences are insignificant, and if it is possible to understand the difference, then it will be unprincipled.


HearID for Liberty Air 2 received presets and an eight-band equalizer. However, it is not clear why there is no way to adjust the settings from 3.2 kHz and higher. The sliders move, and the effect is 0! So it’s much easier to tune ready-made installations than to try to create something yourself. Fortunately, there are enough ready-made solutions.

Battery life

As mentioned earlier, you can monitor the battery level in the application. If you connect the headphones to the phone, the charge is also shown.

The official manufacturer claims that Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 works up to 7 hours. This figure is quite real, since during the review the headphones worked for 5 hours at half volume.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Chant
Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Chant

How long is the charge?

The case itself will allow you to fully recharge the charge about 3 times (or even 4). In general, powering your gadgets is enough for two weeks with moderate use.

How many headphones charge?

As for the charging time, you can charge the headphones and case for 100% for:

Charging method Time
Ears 1 hour
Case on the wire 2 hours
Case without wire 3 hours

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Review Summary

First, I’ll say that I think about the cost. As for me, the price is too high and the most adequate would be up to $ 100. I believe that there are more successful and popular models: Huawei FreeBuds 3, Apple AirPods 2 or Samsung Galaxy Buds. At +/- the same cost, they have much more than any chips and functions.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 review
Soundcore Liberty Air 2 review

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Comfortable and high quality case;
  • Wireless charger;
  • Comfortably sit in your ears;
  • Support aptX;
  • Battery life;
  • HearID application, thanks to which the functionality can be slightly expanded.

  • Sound quality. It seems to me that they play Air 2 well. And somehow you can’t say more;
  • No Active Noise Canceling (ANC) function.


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