Acer vs ASUS: Which is the Best Brand and Why in 2020

Acer and ASUS are two well-known corporations that produce laptops in an affordable price category. Today, more and more buyers give preference to devices of Asian brands. According to an online survey of the top three in terms of sales of Acer and ASUS.

Both brands develop and implement innovations that allow them to maintain a democratic pricing policy and provide a high standard of quality. Brand laptops are bought for offices and home use. The service life is much greater than the warranty claimed by the manufacturer.


Asus – the secret to success

ASUS began operations in 1989. The main principle of work is the introduction of new technologies in the field of computer technology. The company provides a warranty of about two years on all laptops. At the moment, many service centers are open around the world. In case of equipment failure, it can be repaired at any time.


Acer – all at the highest level

The Taiwanese brand Acer was founded in 1986. During his work, he became the largest supplier and developer of it-solutions in the world market. According to users, Acer laptops are not equipped with other “vendors” – the brand is fully confident in its abilities, which have been successfully demonstrated for several decades.

Price policy

The first thing that interests the buyer is, of course, the cost of devices. In this regard, Acer will give odds to ASUS, whose cost is more expensive on average by 20%. At the same time, the characteristics of Asus laptops are in no way inferior to the competitor.

acer the best one


If you do not take into account the latest expensive models of the Acer Aspire VX 15 and Asus ROG, in most cases the Acer technique is made from softer and more pleasant to the touch plastic. The same goes for materials. Asus pays more attention to reliability, which allowed to achieve good results – a few drops will not disable the laptop, which can not be said about the competitor. Acer in this regard produces less reliable equipment. Whatever brand you prefer, it is worth getting a case or a capacious bag – this will extend the life of any device.

Internal content

In terms of “stuffing,” there is no difference between the two laptops, with the exception of the video card. In Acer they are weaker, but the issue is decided by the purchase of a more advanced model. Therefore, if you decide to give preference to a brand gadget, do it without a twinge of conscience.

Another equally important point is the sound quality. External speakers do not show the difference, but you can feel it by listening to music on the headphones. In Asus laptops, it sounds better.

Heating when working with the device is more evident in Acer, he just needs a cooling system. Asus is more reliable in this regard.

Asus the best one

The benefits of each brand

Instead of summarizing, consider the benefits of each brand. Among the advantages of Acer is the following:

  1. The presence of a discrete graphics card.
  2. Affordable cost of almost all models.
  3. A wide range of.

Asus includes such advantages:

  1. Top quality keyboard and case.
  2. The dimensions are thinner and lighter.
  3. More powerful cooling system.
  4. More technical and service centers.

As a result, the choice is yours, determine in advance the suitable models of the two brands and, after reading the detailed characteristics, select the optimal one.

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